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About is dedicated to putting the power back into the hands of the American People, by developing successful on-line ballot initiatives and ensuring that they become law. is not just another movement, nor is it about creating just another petition. At we are focused on taking action, and ensuring that the Will of the People becomes the Law!

Through the Ballot Petition process, you the voter, have the right to take the initiative and petition to approve measures at the ballot box in your respective state. With the approval of the voters those initiatives will become law! Read More...

If our elected officials, are not willing to enact the kind of common sense legislation that is needed today to ensure our country’s democracy and protect the rights of our people, then just as the Founding Fathers intended, the time has come for the people of America to act and make sure that their voices are not just heard, but are respected, and adhered to.

At, we will work to make sure that those fundamental rights, afforded to all of us by our Constitution, are enforced. Through our on-line strategies and tools, we will assist in the due process of placing your initiative on the ballot for the voters to decide. Read Less...

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In 2016, we saw the 1st Presidential Candidate in 40 years who refused, and still refuses, to make his Tax Returns public. This is not how our Democracy should work!! Our elected officials are supposed to be accountable to the people who elect them. The citizens of America have a right to know where, and how, candidates have made their income. Passage of this ballot Initiative will make it law, in your state, that a Candidate for President must share such important information with the public. The American people deserve nothing less than openness, accountability, and transparency in our election system.

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